Women <br/> of Valor!

Amazing History

Historians agree that there were many unknown ‘resistance fighters’ that had major impacts in bringing about Allied success stories. This book from Joanne D. Gilbert is just a sample of how much of an impact four individuals played. The amazing part is all four of them were Women! And one of them was a very young woman at the start of the war.

 This book is a definite “Must Read” to get the inside story as told by these survivors. Joanne D. Gilbert draws you into these women’s lives and lets you feel the emotions each of them lived throughout the dreadful Holocaust, never knowing if they would be next to get caught and executed just for their beliefs.

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Young Adult Memoir

Experience what a young woman can do in horrific times.

Journey through Miriam’s live as a young resistance fighter in war torn Europe with the Third Reich hunting her down at every turn.

Powerful  Experience

Experience life in war torn Europe as a true Resistance Fighter.

Relive the lives of four heroic women who dared to fight back against overwhelming odds in this wonderful book about four women who refused to be led to slaughter like sheep.

Date: Fall 1942 | Source: JPEF / A Partisan's Memoir, Second Story Press, p. 147
Date: Fall 1942 | Source: JPEF / A Partisan’s Memoir, Second Story Press, p. 147

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