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MIcheleh Wineman with husband Reuven and children Alva and Isadore
The Wineman Family in Detroit, Michigan 1922

In this 1st installment of The Wineman Family Story, young Micheleh Sklar Wineman leaves everything she knows behind in order to start a new life in the New World. Along with Reuven, the love of her life, she creates a new family, while her homeland and family in the Old Country were destroyed by the Nazis.This personal family history recounts the love and courage of a woman from her youth and innocence to the wisdom of age 103–against the turbulent backdrop of world history.

Smiling through victories and set-backs
Mimi Williams’ Smile Lights Up Lives!

A Certain Smile: With a song in her heart and a smile on her face, Mimi’s life demonstrates the power of love to triumph over adversity–from summer-stock to Cary Grant, Joe Williams, and Buddy Greco . . . from life-threatening illness–to The Senior Ms. Nevada Pagent, there’s never a moment that Mimi’s sunny smile does not brighten!

Jewish Boy Makes Good in Early Las Vegas
Nate Schwartz’s Adventures from Brooklyn to Las Vegas!

In “Nate’s Piece of the World,” we follow the exploits of Nate Schwartz from the Old World Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood of his early childhood, to his daring jump onto the running-board of “Lucky” Lindbergh’s car, to on-location photographs of the Nevada Atomic Test Site and Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack, to winning Ballroom Dance competitions in his late 80s–Nate’s quest for yet another “piece of the world” leaves a loving legacy to his 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

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